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Ted Gossard

I have to work hard at it. As I do, I seem to get better at it. I do think it goes with the whole package of sincerely caring about a person. And maybe it's the first thing: get their name down!

L.L. Barkat

Not to take this too far, but the Name Thing seems to have almost spiritual dimensions... consider how we "call on the name of the LORD." Or reflect on this... the gates of the Holy City will be inscribed with the names of the 12 tribes of Israel... and we, ourselves, will receive a stone with a name written on it (see Revelation).

Thanks, Jim, for naming the need to pay attention to names! :)

Greg England

I'm terrible at this, but you said not to give up on it yet. I do work at it, but my memory in general is just not what it once was.

Arlene Kasselman

Jim, I am always reminded of this by my son. He is only 5 but is always fascinated when people at church who he does not think would know him, call him by name. If it happens to be a teenager it is even more impactful! Spencer will often say, "Mom, they know my name."

So, perhaps the old cheers song was pretty accurate!

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