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Keith Reid

Awesome stuff Jim. I am so guilty of just plowing through and missing some of the most ordinary things. When I do notice them, even the ordinary things of life can be very exciting, beautiful and rewarding. I appreciate your value of the ordinary. Your intent to stay focused on what is relevant in all of your writings is very centering for me. Thank you.

Greg England

Good reminder, Jim. One reason I began blogging is to force myself to not go through a day without seeing something worth noting. (Was that grammatically correct?)

Jim Martin

Thanks for the encouragment. So good to hear from you again. Thanks again for the affirmation.

Jim Martin

Greg--good observation about blogging. That had not occurred to me.

Bryon Barnhill

Jim - I enjoyed your blog today. If you look at it from your grandparents shoes, they probably had no idea they were having such an impact on you. I wonder what that says about those around us? I often wonder what memories my children will consider most prescious.


Dad, This was a very insightful bolg. Time is such a valuable thing that I think we all take advantage of. We think we have an abundance of time to do all the things we want, when in reality each moment is a blessing and a reminder that we are alive. I know that I dont always spend my time wisely. I think that it is an issue of selfishness. I think God gives opportunities daily to serve him that we pass by in order to use our time in the way that we want to use it. Anyways, all I am really saying is that college has taught me that time is the most valuable thing in life. Without time, nothing can happen in mine/others lives. It has also taught me that living for myself is such a waste of time which reaps no rewards. When I use my time for things that I know are pleasing to God...I know that I am living for him and it gives me a sense of satisfaction in my life. Well enough of my ramblings....I love u. Sorry if my insights didnt make any sense.

Jeff Ulrich

How easy we forget the memory makers in our lives. It made me do a reality check about the memories I am making with my family.

L.L. Barkat

Sometimes, I stop everything and just take a moment to look full in my children's eyes...

talk about mundane...it is barely a moment, hardly a memory... but it's amazingly powerful...

Jim Martin

What a wonderful comment! Your comment is better than the post! I appreciate your insightfulness regarding selfishness. I think many of us relate to what you are saying.

So good to hear from my wonderful daughter...

Jim Martin

So glad this was useful to you. These memories are so important just as you suggest.

Jim Martin

You are so right. I'm sure they had no idea the impact they were having. I suspect we do not either. Thanks Byron...

Jim Martin

You have a way of expressing yourself in a way that makes me stop and think. Thanks,

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