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I wish you would stop writing practical posts that call for action on our part! Can't you just give us some mental gum to chew on so we don't have to actually do something with our Christian lives?

Give a brother a break, eh?


If I watch someone reading a book does that count for exercising my mind?
Actually, your third point really hits home. Thanks for the good reminder regarding balance. It is so important! -bill


I needed this today.

Jim Martin

Mike, I laughed when I read your and Bill's comments. Thanks! :)

Jim Martin

That's great! :) I'm not sure if watching someone counts are not! :)


Jim Martin

I am so glad that in some way, this was helpful to you today.

Scott Morgan

Your wise counsel is always an encouragement to me, Jim. I guess I better go out and take that walk now.


I just got back from the YMCA. First time in 2 months. I'm glad I stopped by this morning.

Jim Martin

Julie--Good for you! That is great. Your responsiveness is a reminder to me to be just as responsive when I need act.

Jim Martin

Scott, Thanks very much. I appreciate what you said.


I love how all three are so connected.

I work with stroke patients and it is amazing to see how much better many of them fare after a devastating stroke if they have spent a lifetime exercising their minds.

Great post!

Jim Martin

Elizabeth--Thanks! Thanks also for the observation about stroke patients. Isn't that interesting?

Bobby Valentine

Very thougthful suggestions. I have been attempting to integrate these into my life and God has blessed.

Bobby Valentine

Dee Stewart

I am going to print this out right now. Every day I'm sacrificing one of these things for my work and by the end of the week I am barely hanging on.

Jim Martin

Glad this is helpful to you. Hope this is daily encouragent as well as a daily reminder.

So glad you stopped by.

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