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Very beautiful, Jim! Thanks for the reminder. Great way to start my day!


hey jim... im still a little kid so i dont know much about kids moving away etc (my sister did move away though)

but i love the last few lines about our real home being with God. so comforting.
bless you

Allan R. Bevere


Having just sent our first child off to college, your post means alot to me. I have been in reminiscent mode for the past few weeks.

While it can be difficult to see things change, thank God for the blessings of the past, and the opportunity that change brings.


Greg England

Janice thinks I act like a kid sometimes, so that must help! I read Lynn's book last year and it was a good read. Gave me a new appreciation both of home and of history.

Ted Gossard

How very true. We need to learn to be "at home" no matter what the circumstances. And that can only be so "in the Lord". Thanks.


As I look back at some of the best moments a couple of things come to mind:

(1) Most of them didn't seem like "moments" at the time. It was just life. But, that's when the best moments seem to arise...when I'm just living the life to which God has called me.

(2) The best moments seem to have grown out of strong relationships. Out of struggles have come precious memories, because others have walked with me making even the tough times moments that I now cherish.

Blessings to you, dear brother!

Bobby Valentine

Jim thanks for the heads up about Anderson's book. I was not aware of it and I have always been blessed by his writing. I will be getting it very soon.

Bobby Valentine

L.L. Barkat

Poignant sharing, about your family memories. Thanks.


Wonderful post! Sometimes it is so hard to realize what God wants us to do after the kids are "gone". Our lives were so full and hectic and we are still going at that full steam so we look for God's guidance on the next move. It is bittersweet watching our kids move from wanting to be in the past, present and future. Finding home is hard for them too. I will read the book and pass it on.

Jim Martin

Thanks Gail. I think many people would echo what you said.

Jim Martin

Allen--I feel for you right now. As gail said in her comment. A bittersweet time.

Jim Martin

Diana--I'm so glad you came by! I'm glad those lines were encouraging to you.

Jim Martin

Bill--I identity with both of these. Very true.

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