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Connie Lard

Jim, You make some very good points. Ideally, as we mature in our faith, we come to the point of desiring God Himself rather than His gifts. I think, for most people, that is a process and not something that occurs quickly. For example, there is a verse in the Psalms that means something different to me now that it did when I was younger: "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." (Psalm 37:4)
At one time, I thought that meant that God would give me whatever I wanted if I followed Him. And, of course, I could see that didn't always happen! Of late, I have come to realize that's not what that verse means at all. It means that, as I delight in Him, He will change my heart so that my desires are for spiritual things rather than carnal things. The verse is NOT promising fulfillment of my list of wishes - rather, it is promsing a change of heart as I walk with the Lord!

John Alan Turner

I was teaching a class on prayer at Woodmont Hills this summer and said something that actually stunned me. It wasn't in my notes. It just leapt out of my mouth before I could stop it.

I asked, "Which would you choose: a blank check from God or to know God better than you do right now?"

Then I said, "Your current prayer life reveals the truth."

Greg England

Our culture pushes happiness. God gifts us with joy. We often confuse the two and opt for the lesser.


Psalm 63 has been one of my favorites psalms for a long time. In recent years it has moved up the list of my favorite passages in the entire Bible. The reason for this has nothing to do with me at all. You see, this is the favorite passage of one of the most spiritually minded men I've ever met. Every time Ed reads from this passage (or any other, for that matter) it seems like the idea of being filled by God is a much more realistic possibility. Thank you for helping me to understand this more clearly.

Ted Gossard

Great thoughts. It is amazing(?) how God meets even the smallest sincere seeking of him.

Bobby Valentine

Jim I am always refreshed when I stop by for my daily cup of java (a weakness of mine I suppose).

BTW my wife's favorite place is Panera Bread. I know that was a previous post but ... thanks for coming by my blog. I really appreciate it.

Bobby Valentine

Jim Martin

If the daily cup of java is your weakness--I am with you. I like it!

My wife likes it as well.

Always enjoy your blog, Bobby.

Jim Martin

How interesting...I never thought about the impact of hearing a godly man or woman read a favorite text---of theirs.

Yet, I do recall special devotionals at our house where my wife would read her favorite text.

Jim Martin

Greg--EXACTLY! Well said.

Jim Martin

John Alan--
Your question is jarring--and very,very good.

How important! Far too often, I have been more enamored with the gifts than the giver.

Jim Martin

Ted--Thanks so much! You are always very encouraging.

Jim Martin

Very good...and I think your are right about this text. Thanks...

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