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Greg England

Thanks for not bringing multiple guitars into this conversation!!
I'm sure you've seen this as well, but one of the things that I encounter in pre-marital counseling with couples is their appetite to have everything new and now. What a barrier to the joy that could and should be a part of that moment in their lives.

Amy Grant

Very well said, and something I continually struggle with.

I just came over here from Elizabeth's blog and realized you must be the preacher at hers and Stephanie's church.

My husband, John, has told me how much he enjoys your blog, but I never put all that together!


Wow...this is something I have been giving a lot of thought to lately. You really hit the nail on the head with your observations. My pastor was just talking about this Sunday morning...what are we willing to give up for God? God is definitely trying to tell us something!

Ted Gossard

Yes Jim. As Paul says, "godliness with contentment is great gain." And we have the greatest treasure of all, in Jesus. Amen.

ben overby


I blogged something similar last evening, getting my starting point from a PBS special on the Declaration of Independence. One of the commentators noted that "equal rights for all has always troubled us, but the pursuit of happiness mystifies us."

The lack of contentment that you expressed so well results from people believing the wrong gospel. The American gospel tells us that if we have all the right stuff, or more of it, then we'll be satisfied. Happiness, or contentment, isn't the result of acquiring things. We will only be satisfied when we are blessed with communion with Jesus. The Madison Avenue gospel is only a sad parody of the real thing. But it proves that the fields are still white for harvest. People crave gospel.



If contentment is the belief that whatever God provides is enough, then I need more of it! Maybe I could buy some at the new store that is opening in my neighborhood...

Jim Martin

Thanks. I corresponded with your huband after seeing a fine piece on his blog. I just looked at your blog as well and enjoyed your words.

Jim Martin

Rachel--Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for your comment.

Jim Martin

A good line you quoted from the PBS special. I look forward to reading your post.


"In regards to those people you are trying to out do so they will like, they don’t love you. When you do out do them, they will love you even less!”

Lynn Anderson said this in a sermon a couple of months ago and I have it posted on my desk. It is my daily reminder to upgrade my prayers to God!

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