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Dan H.

You must have been thinking of me when you wrote this post, Jim. :) Thanks so much for this great reminder.

Connie Lard

There is nothing more demoralizing than to be in the presence of someone who will only love you if ............. whatever. I have learned to avoid these people like the plague! My tender psyche just can't take being around them very long! :)

Arlene Kasselman

I remember Charles Siburt saying in one of his classes that in the life and work of ministry "we know the worst things about the best people."

I am thankful that we don't have to be perfect and nor does our neighbor. Our God is and that is enough.

darryl lewis

Good one, Jim. Learning to love anyway is one of the most freeing, stress-releasing things you can do. Unrealistic expectations only lead to unnecessary disappointment and disillusionment.
Thank you.

Greg England

I've often told me who were being considered as elders just how strong they need to be spiritually because they are going to know the deep down dirt on people and still need to see them through the eyes of Jesus.
Good post! For that matter, I'm still waiting on you to post one that isn't so good!

Jim Martin

Thanks Dan--I'm glad this was meaningful to you.

Jim Martin

You are so right regarding the stress-release and the unrealistic expectations. Very good insight.

Jim Martin

Thank you for this great quote from Siburt. I had not heard that. And--that is so true.

Jim Martin

"Demoralizing"--that is so true. Such people have a way of sucking the life out of most any situation.

Jim Martin

Greg--Thats so much. You are always so encouraging.

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