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Allan R. Bevere


Thanks for the wise observations. As you can imagine I often get the same reaction from people when they ask me what I do.

Enjoy your vacation and study leave!

Greg England

Yes, enjoy the time away! I've had those awkward moments when I just felt the conversation would be better off if I didn't say I'm a preacher. Now I can say, "I'm a funeral director." Well ... maybe I'll stick w/ the preacher schtick!
I'll miss your blogs.

Connie Lard

Well, at least you don't get a rundown of their latest medical problem when you tell someone you're a minister! (I'm a nurse!) :)


God bless you, dear brother. Enjoy your vacation and study time. Please carry with you warm thoughts of all of us who appreciate you for converting life into truth AND so capably applying truth to life!

Keith Reid


Thanks for the wisdom. Maybe if those in ministry would act like they were connected to real life, people would know how to react to them. This is a lesson that you obviously live out. I bet that girl who cut your hair has a slightly different view of ministers since your encounter.

Jim Martin

Thanks Allen, Connie, Greg, and Bill.

Keith--I think you are exactly right. For some reason some of us act as if we do not experience life as most "mortals" do.

Thanks for your comment, Keith.

Steve Puckett

Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest. We all need time to get quiet and to get with Jesus.


Ted Gossard

"We really don't need more people who are trying to appear relevant."

Thanks for this post. That quote kind of summarizes it for me. Just being yourself, even as Jesus was himself.
Good words for me, as I'm about to see some relatives, some of whom, I'm sure, are not Christians. But good words all the time. Have a blessed time off.

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