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John Frye

Another good, thought-provoking post. I can't for the life of me figure out why so many obnoxious Christians think that they're being Christlike. And I know I get obnoxious at times...just ask Julie.
Blessings on you.

Greg England

Seems like churches and church leaderships not only have the "big pink elephant in the middle of the room," there is often a herd of them!


If you could hear through cyberspace, you would know that I am shouting when I say, "I want to live!"

What a great post. Thank you!

Jim Martin

Those pink elephants in churches---they are often loud, manipulative, and creating dysfunction, while we do a masterful job of being silent and practicing "faithful" avoidance.


I think you are on to something by using the analogy of a treatment center to help us learn about human behavior. I have felt for a long time that much of our religiously destructive behavior is due deeper psychological problems.

Peace to you.

Ted Gossard

Jim, Thanks so much. So good. And so true.

Jim Martin

Thanks Steve---and there sure is a lot of destructive behavior that takes place in churches.

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