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Yes. If Jesus had a church, he'd be interested in people and God's activity, not inanimate stuff. His church would also be taking that loving power into the community - not all cloistered together 1 hour a week, and pretending nothing happened the rest of the hours.


the balance......the tension in finding the balance......

Perry Lamm

I noticed once when a person asked me for advice, a split second before I answered I thought about… Oh no, lets see… I am a Christian…What advice would Jesus give them? All of the sudden my answer changed to something positive, positive for that person as well as myself. I told the person to turn the other cheek. They we much better off than returning an insult. If Jesus had a church would he forgive them? Would he want the people in the church to invite their coworkers, neighbors, classmates, friends, etc. to the next service?


Crestview may have problems like any church with people and their human problems, but what I see, as a new member, are the wounded members walking to the front asking for prayer and members flocking to them to hug them. With my nurse's eyes it is like a wound being surrounded by white blood cells helping the healing to begin. I see a total abandonment of pride and full care and love for the hurt.

Jim Martin

I've had the same experience. Shifting from what I am tempted to say to someone to what I think Jesus would say to that person. So often the response was very different than the one I would have made.

Jim Martin

Thanks for your note. I really like your comparison with white blood cells. Thanks for pointing out the specialness of this. I don't want to take this for granted.

Tony Myles

We are the new sanctuaries... our bodies are living sacrifices that serve as his temple.

The church, in short, is the supernatural union of "people and God."

Jim Martin

Tony, I really like these two lines--in particular the last one. Thanks.

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