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Ted Gossard

So true and powerful. Wish I would have really heard and laid hold, in faith, of these simple truths years ago. I have been beset, too much, by anxiety, and troubled. God has been bringing me out, though, like you say, I certainly still have my moments, and even some down drag days.



Thanks. I really needed to hear that today.

Jim Martin

Like you, I wish I had grasp the same years ago as well. So glad to hear that God has been at work.

Jim Martin

Thanks RC. Glad you stopped by.


People have often called me "strong" or "brave" and I'm not really sure it's a compliment because maybe it means I'm giving the impression that I'm doing things by myself, that somehow I am braving this world alone. Thanks for the reminder that I can not do this alone and that only my God can give me strength.

Jim Martin

You may be right. I suppose a person could leave the impression that such strength or bravery is done by yourself. However, I think many peopple look at any kind of strenght, peace, courage, contentment and just assume it is coming from an extraordinary person.

Perhaps that is because they can't imagine that God would provide such gifts for them to experience.

Thanks again, Emily, for your comment...

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