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I consider myself a grappler....He is everything but unfortunately I have to grapple with THAT fact alot....thanks for this...


Jim. if I am not mistaken. McManus was one of the authors in The Church in the Emerging Culture. Hm...interesting

Jim Martin

I think a lot of people can identify with that one! Thanks--

Jim Martin

Always good to hear from my youngest daughter! (A college student in the middle of exam week). Yes you are right, McManus was an author in the book you and I both read.

Ted Gossard

Jim, Very good thoughts. I have succumbed to all of the above in some measure in my life. But I find life only in getting away from that. And more than that, I hope: Forward. I need to keep growing in the first things and really lay hold of the latter.


You're new to my sidebar and a great read. Visited Florence years ago. Had friends in an independent Pentecostal work there. I'm thinking he pastors in that area yet. Bob Gulley? At any rate, keep'em coming, my friend. I shall return.....


Thanks for the reminder to be a revolutionary, not just a church-goer.

Jim Martin

Jim, The name Bob Gulley sounds familiar but I can't place him. Glad you read this blog.

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