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Greg England

#11 got me in trouble in my "interview" sermon here at Long Beach. I learned a valuable lesson about humor that weekend!
Good insights.

Jim Martin

I've done the same kind of thing. The first time I remember saying something with humor without really thinking, I hurt a young woman's feelings. In my effort to "get a laugh" I was not even thinking about how a woman bearing some pain could hear that.

Ted Gossard

I like your points very much. I am very disappointed in my life because I'm a pastor at heart but this never panned out. I can see from what limited experience I've had how what you're saying here is so true.

Jim Martin

Thanks Ted--I know there are many others who could echo what you said. A "pastor at heart" but for a number of reasons it never panning out. Yet, God has a way of using us even when the situation we woulud have liked just doesn't work out.

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