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Have you ever been in the audiance when Buddy Bell is speaking? He came to our church for a week several years ago. We were all amazed after each sermon when we found ourselves saying the exact same thing to each other. "I thought he was speaking directly to me." "How could he read my mind like?"

scotty harris

Such insightful, convicting words, Jim. Thanks! Just when I'm wondering (a too-frequent occurence I'll admit) whether preaching is "worth the trouble" - your admonition helps me to believe again. How long till Sunday!?

You're a treasure!

Jim Martin

Nancy,I have heard Buddy Bell and agree with very much with what you said regarding his preaching.

Jim Martin

Scotty, Thanks. You are a great example of a person who does this well. What a great encourager you are!

Tony Myles

YES! This is the difference between saying something and having something to say. When we deal with the Scripture we need to do less to "spice it up" and need to instead let it live in us and breathe its way out.

gail wright

My husband and I have been "too busy" or out of town to come to church lately and I really miss your sermons. We both feel you have at least a "word" just for us. You always leave us thinking about how we are going to put that "word" into our lives that week. I will be there Sunday and wait for my "word". We will commit to becoming involved in some way. Thanks. Gail


I just found your blog today, (The title caught my eye.) and you've reminded me that it's way past time for me to return to church. We have a pastor that has a gift for getting personal, and I really miss that. Between depression and being lost in my own busy life I've let too many Sundays slip by without the chance to experience it. Thanks for whetting my appetite again.

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