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Matthew Simcox

Jim, thanks for this posting. I need to hear something like that right now. Due to certain dynamics, I can't go into it right now, but thanks for saying what I needed to hear. Rebecca and I sure do miss you, and thank God that he allowed us to know you for these past 2 years. But we'll be around. See you later.


I am so thankful for this post. It is sobering to hear of how preaching and ministry can be so challenging. I agree with you that God is indeed working despite what may seem to be the case. In our weakness we are strong; in the place where we think we make no difference God can pour through us in the most genuine ways. This post reminds me of some of the themes of 2 Corinthians. Have you ever read James Thompson's book on 2 Corinthians?--man it is good. Carolyn and I have fond memories of listening to you preach the Word for Crestview. God bless you and the Crestview congregation!

Milton Stanley`

Couldn't get through with a trackback ping, but I want you to know I appreciate your post and linked to it at my blog.

Btw, your blog would be a great addition to the churches of Christ blog aggregator. All I need to add your blog is your xml or rss feed. If you're not familiar with it, you can view the aggregator here:




Some great thoughts. Thanks for sharing this. Sounds like something Eugene Peterson might say. Also, and you may have already seen it, you might be interested in Chris Erdman's blog. He seems to be saying some of the same things about preaching. http://odyssey.blogs.com/odyssey/

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