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Connie Lard

(1) I would like to know more about..........the end times or "rapture" (which, to my knowledge is not a term that is found in the Bible, so where do they come up with it?!)
Geoffery is now worshiping with a Baptist church and has been talking to me about these issues. It occured to me that ministers in the coC, at least in my experience, don't say much about this. Not saying that the Baptist emphasis is always well-placed, but just wondering if we have talked enough about these things.

(2) I would look forward to any messages which would help me..........have a closer walk with God.
Thinking in particular of the place of the classical "spiritual disciplines" in the life of a modern believer.

Jim, May God bless you with a sabbatical that will refresh your soul and strengthen your spirit. Peace in Him, Connie


DAD! Just wanted to say how much I love your blog. I read it everyday! I enjoy hearing your daily words of inspiration not only at home but online :-). I love you and keep it up!

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