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John Roberts

Jim - great thoughts. You are so right that it's easy to settle in and not take risks. You can do it when you are comfortable and don't want anything to change - you can do it when you're frustrated and can't imagine anything will ever change. You always have to be "pressing on toward the goal..." or you are losing ground. Status quo is a myth.
And congratualtions on 13 years!


Jim, In any long-term relationship there is always the risk of "settling." Whether it's a marriage or in a job or in a ministry with a church such as yours. But, you're right - it doesn't have to happen. There are things we can do in any situation to keep a fresh outlook, including, most important, to look constantly to the Father for renewal each day. I read somewhere that as Christ-followers, we are called to be "pilgrims" rather than "settlers". I believe that as long as we are following Him, life will continue to be an adventure!

Greg England

And from an entirely different perspective, I've read some research that indicates you have your very best years with a church after 20 years in their pulpit! I'm there with you, Jim, in that I'm 13-1/2 years with this church and we're doing things I'd never dreamed of doing 12 years ago. Or even 5 years ago.

Jim Martin

Thanks John--Hope you are doing well.

Jim Martin

Very, very true. Thanks for your words.

Jim Martin

Your right of course, that is the other side of a lengthy ministry. Thanks for sharing that.

Carol Harmon

My brother, a wise and compassionate seminary student in KC, MO send me this as it follows exactly what we hotly debated in our phone conversation on Sunday. I am tried of going to church and see empty faces (where is the joy?), empty greetings, (pass the peace?!?) and the whole church dynamics as really being offensive to me. As a long time believer I once thought that I was a part of the body, (a leg, an arm, it didn't matter) but I have learned that there is no more really geniune church body to be part of. Please pray for me, and if you want to attack what I am expressing, I do not need to hear from Christian conservatives that I am going to hell...


I would like to respond to Carol's remarks, if that's okay. Carol, you have expressed what I have often felt in times past. I would encourage you to stay in touch with godly people in some way, whether it's in the context of an assembly or not. And continue to seek our Father's will in this. He will guide you to be where you need to be. I have prayed for you tonight. Your sis in Him, Connie

Jim Martin

Thanks for this comment. How frustrating! At times, I too have felt similar frustrations regarding the church. At times it can exasperating. (Jesus himself apparently felt such frustration at times given some of his remarks about the religion of his day).

I will pray for you Carol. I am thankful you posted your comment here and hope you will come back again.

darryl lewis

Hey Jim, You got me again. "Thanks, I needed that." On the other hand, having been here 20 years, I hope I've grown wise enough to know some risks not to take. I look back and think, "Why did I do that?" Serving in a church is just risky business anyway. Stay after me.

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