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I'm THINKING this would have tied in perfectly with my recent post re: Ecclesiastes 5:19 and 20. Too bad I already erased it to free up space.

Greg England

You write: "I have seen far too many ministers (and many other people as well) who lost their fire and passion a long time ago. Now, they come to work, go through the motions, and say or do whatever seems to make people happy. Just putting in the time." There are times I've wondered if I am that person. I find that I no longer have the passion for the preaching ministry that I once had (for many reasons), but I have a passion for other aspects of ministry ... praise band in particular. So I'm praying about the opportunity to move out of the pulpit and into more of a supportive role so my passion doesn't die out completely. You comment cut a little, but I needed it. Thanks ... again.

Jim Martin

I'm sorry I can't read it. Thanks for the comment anyway.

Jim Martin

I appreciate that you have recognized it and are trying to move toward your passion. I am more concerned about people who recognize it and yet because of self-interest, choose to go through the motions.

Connie Lard

I have worked 30 years in the field of nursing. At times, I have found myself feeling "burnout" and have dealt with this by going back to school or changing to another area or role in nursing. Now, I find myself at a place in time where I need to hang in there where I am and complete some years toward retirement, but can't honestly say I feel a "passion" for the work that I must do every day. One thing I have done to try to restore that feeling of "mission" or "passion" is to take week end call for a hospice organization. This is something entirely different than I do in my regular Monday-Friday job, and has been helpful in meeting my need for change. In additon, I find that I am able to approach my regular job with a fresher outlook now.
I am sure that "burnout" is a common problem, especially for those in the "over-40" age group. Thanks for bringing it up, Jim.

ben overby

Burnout is colorful and helpful language. We are to let our light shine. God never said we have to provide the fuel--He gives us the grace so that we serve in His strength. Therefore, if we are experiencing burnout it's the result of cutting the lines to God's outpouring of spiritual energy. Getting away (as Jesus did often) to pray and reflect is helpful to us, not as a psychological trick, but because it can really open us up to grace, fuel for our lamps, grace that we might be ignoring for a plethora of ridiculous, self-justifying reasons. Thanks again for a needed reminder!

Ted Gossard

Thanks. Good words for us. And thanks for sharing from your life.

pius obi

i love this ministry with my life cause it's been a blessing to me and family

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