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Did you know there is a movie about Prairie Home Companion coming out? I too laugh at the Andy Griffin Show.

Jim Martin

I did not that about the Prairie Home Companion movie. That is interesting.

Hope you are doing well.

Ted Gossard

Thanks. I do think laughter is such a gift. We carry on with it at times at work. Especially a certain few of us. But that makes the rest around there laugh as well.

Unfortunately we see the other side, even in our midst at times. It's especially sad, and turns this great gift on its head, when laughter is consistently done at the expense of others, in an air of not really accepting them as friends. This is evident because of the belittling that I've heard about them. And it only takes one (I'm talking here about professing Christians) strong personality to bring others along into this sad dive. (And laughing at the expense of others is a notable problem among youth groups.)

So I've seen the best and worst that you describe here, all at the same place. But God is at work there.

On the other hand, I've been on crews where we laughed at ourselves and each other nearly half the shift. But we did so as friends who completely accepted and esteemed each other. So it was certainly all in fun. And a blast!

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