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Greg England

Love the insight into your heart! Speaking of shoes ... some friends of ours came out to Los Angeles from Florida for our son's wedding and a vacation stay of about 8 days following the wedding. There were three women on this trip. Each one of them brought about 12 pair of shoes (no exaggeration) for an 8-day stay. And purchased ... you guessed it ... while out here.

ben overby

Jim, it will not be long before I'll enter into the part of the journey where we send our kids to college. I couldn't bare the thought if it occured to me that my boys would have to go "out there" alone. (I can't think too much about any of that right now; it's just gets me misty eyed.) How glorious it is that the same Abba who keeps company with your daughter keeps company with us all, especially when our house has grown dreadfully quiet and our heart longs for communion with ones we love. Peace to you, and comfort. May God keep your daughter in the shadow of His wings.

Perry Lamm

Your daughter has a pretty good dad. I am not looking forward to that day taking my daughter to college. God probably had the same difficult time sending his Son to Earth, but look at the rewards that came through that. Thank You for sharing your quiet home.

Jim Martin

Thanks. I can, and will, say the same about you. You are a good dad. Your two children are fortunate.

Jim Martin

Thanks for such a thoughtful comment. All of this "growing up" is pretty sobering. I'm thankful for God's presence--both with my children and myself.

Jim Martin

Thanks for your story. Maybe we are supposed to have more than a few pair. :)

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