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John Frye

I am a Henri Houwen fan, too. Do like Eugene Peterson's books?

John Frye

I am a Henri Nouwen fan, too. Do like Eugene Peterson's books?

John Frye

Oops! I corrected spelling Nouwen's name and both got posted. Sorry.


I do, I like them alot. I often have thought that a retreat with a dozen or so pastors with Eugene Peterson would be awesome. They would have to pre-read the pastoral trilogy of 5 smooth stones, working the angles and under the unpredictable plant. That would be alright.

Jim Martin

I like Eugene Peterson as well. The book which really got my attention was "Working the Angles." I am about to begin "Eat This Book." Sounds like you like him as well.

Jim Martin

I think you are on to something. What a great time that would be. I would like to be one of those dozen. :)


Christ play in ten Thousand Places is exceptional as well. Was this a Eugene Peterson post?


Well, I read it, Jim. Lord willing, I'll post my responses later this evening.


Oh my gosh, I can't believe you have seen/read Bobbed Hair and Bossy Wives. Scot and I saw this book once MANY years ago and we still laugh about it from time to time.

Ted Gossard

Thanks for sharing this.

The book by Nouwen sounds especially interesting to me. I've read one of his, and it was very good (the kind I read out loud to my wife).

Scot McKnight

Wow, that Bonhoeffer selection surprised me. That would make for some serious reading, that's for sure. I read those in college, and it made me yearn to know Bonhoeffer and what made him tick. I then read many others of his in succession.

Jim Martin

I remember seeing this book many years ago. As I recall, I read through a few pages. What intrigued me was the "bobbed hair." I had no idea what that was but apparently it was not good! :)

Jim Martin

That Bonhoeffer selection, in part, stems from my memory of first reading it. I recall being so impressed with this man. I would like to return to the book and read it again.
(Desert island or not. :)

Allan R. Bevere


Number 6 is great! Paul has been quite hermeneutically abused in modern scholarship.


I did it, Jim! My responses are posted on my blog. Blessings to you, dear brother! BTW, I echo the sentiments expressed above in regard to #6.

Greg England

When I first read this, I was grateful NOT to have been on your list of people to be tagged. Then I got tagged by someone tagged by YOU! I think this is a despicable (as only Daffy Duck could say that word) thing to do to others! Now I have to come up with books that aren't going to be nearly as impressive a list as others who have been tagged!

Bob Robinson

I need to read more Nouwen!!

Jim Martin

Thanks for dropping by. I looked at your list earlier. Doing this list has made me want to re-read Nouwen.

Jim Martin

Thanks Allan/Bill-- I wish there was a way to make #6 happen!

Jim Martin

This is so funny! I read this and laughed because I could just hear you say this. :)

I look forward to reading your list.

Bobby Valentine

Ok, I've been preoccupied for a few days. I'm game I will post ten things on my blog.

I can confess though that I have actually read John Rice's Bobbed Hair, Bossy Wives and Women Preachers. If you bring a really stout Martini it is almost funny but you need the Martini to find the humor, :-)

Bobby Valentine

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