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Greg England

When our first born was a baby, I was in grad school and teaching some jr. college psychology classes two evenings a week plus preaching on weekends (part time). Janice taught school full time so I stayed home w/ Josh those first two - three years. That gave me such an appreciation of what a mother goes through on a day to day basis for years and years! My heart is always for the mamas out there!

Ted Gossard

Jim & "Amanda",

Thanks for sharing this. It is good for everyone to read and get a glimpse into what life is really like for a mother. And that there are a specific set of special challenges for each one. Can encourage and help others to hang in there and keep working at fulfilling this calling.

Ted Gossard

I should say, this AMONG THE MOST HIGH of all callings.

Jim Martin

Thanks Ted--

Jim Martin

Thanks Greg,
That staying home experience had to give you a new and fresh appreciation for stay at home moms.

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