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"Let me use disappointment as material for patience." I struggle with this and I pray this often.

Ted Gossard

I'm guessing Jim, that all this wisdom you share with us on this blog is, in part, due to all your journaling through the years. I've noticed that writing things down, even if I don't look at what I wrote down, does seem to put a truth or thought into me, that can be taken out at a proper time (though in my case, I've written down far less than you).

And wow. The things that are there. Even the struggles. How we see God has worked. Like seeing us at one point, than much further down the road, removed from that.

Thanks too, for sharing from John Baillie's diary. Great words!

Jim Martin

You express this so well. At times I am amazed at what I write in my journal. Amazed only because I really didn't realize I was thinking these thoughts. Somehow, the act of writing these things down brings clarity.

Thanks Ted.

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