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Greg England

Over the years, I've had more than a few people tell me, "You seem to be the same guy in and out of the pulpit," which I've always taken as a compliment. I do try to live my life in a way that would stand up under the scrutiny of an investigative report. As would be true of anyone else, I've failed and often failed miserably.
The best of friends, though, are the ones who will tell you face-to-face where changes need to be made. Those friends are rare, indeed!

Bobby Valentine

That kind of project just might be a frighting one Jim. I wonder what would be in it ...

Bobby Valentine


Thanks for writing this...it's very encouraging to me right now. My identity should rest fully in Christ, and then others will see me, and unknowingly be seeing Him as well. You've challenged me to reconsider some of my thinking about the importance (or sometimes non-importance)of "perception" as it relates to my true witness for Christ.

Jim Martin

Those friends are rare. I hope I would be the kind of person who would listen.

Jim Martin

I'm so glad this was encouraging to you. It is so easy to allow other identity markers (what I own, my status or success and so many other things) to take over the way I perceive myself, instead of Christ.

Thanks. Hope you will come again.

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