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I think there are very few people over 40 who would say their life has gone exactly as they planned for it to go. Mine certainly hasn't. We can waste a lot of time and energy bemoaning that fact or we can gracefully and gratefully accept the plan as God is unfolding it in our lives. I sometimes have to stop and remind myself that "We do not have to live under the thumb of our circumstances" (D. Willard). Instead, we can live in the conscious awareness of His ever-abiding presence. Intentional, mindful living helps keep that creek from running dry!

Allan R. Bevere

Great comments! As it is said, there are some Christians who are so heavenly minded they do no earthly good. Thanks for your emphasis on what God wants of us now in the present.


I love reading your blog. Great insight. In my struggles of trying to feel significant, I keep forgetting that I already am, in Christ. There will always be a better job, ministry position, nicer house, cooler car, and so on. I am still learning to appreciate what I have and what I will gain in heaven.

Lanier Stevens

Once again, you've not only struck a 'nerve' but hit me square in the heart!
I can only compare the nugget of truth you unearthed in this 'creek bottom' concept with the man Jesus said discovered the 'treasure hidden in the field'. To grasp, to possess, and to really own that truth is worth selling all previous possessions in order to have it.
'Nuff said. I'm headed to the hospital to visit some folk....
You truly are an inspiration!

Jim Martin

Thanks for your comment. I always appreciate and respect what you say.

Jim Martin

Hi Frank,
I'm glad you left this comment. Thanks for the encouragement regarding the blog.

I think a lot of us can relate to what you said. Hope you will comment again.

Jim Martin

Thanks Allan--I appreciate what you said.

Jim Martin

Another great Dallas Willard line! (I really like them).

You are so right regarding the importance of living with a conscious awarness of his presence. Unfortunately, I don't always do this.

Nick Gill

Spirituality is about doing Christ-like things when we can, where we can. Thank you for the reminder that we've got to stop labelling things 'small' or 'big'. We can't SEE that well. We only know what seems little to us, or what seems big to us.

in HIM,

Jim Martin

Thanks. You are right about our not being able to see well enough to know what is a big or small matter. I do think we would be amazed to know.

Ted Gossard

Very helpful. Especially important for some of us (and when young) who are stuck in kind of a mode of procrastinating. Procastination often has to do with the fear of failure. But a step of faith, in God, means to trust that in him, and in his eyes, we won't be failures. Thanks.

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