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Allan R. Bevere

Amen and Amen!


Lately it seems that I have been living a life fueled by guilt...

When I am at work I feel guilty for not being home with my son and my husband. When I am at home I feel guilty for not getting more done at work. When I spend time with family I feel guilty for not doing chores or when I'm doing chores I feel like I'm neglecting my family. When I'm working during worship I feel like I'm not getting quality time with God and so on and so on. I've felt stretched so thin in the past few weeks that I am like a rubber band about to snap...thanks for the pointers, I have some examining to do.



I could write a long explanation for why this post is so meaningful to me today, but I have too many "one more's" to get done today. Sometimes we don't have a choice in the matter. Tomorrow we memorialize a young wife, mother of two (sons: 15 & 11), and dearly loved sister to us all. On Monday of this week she died suddenly, following a minor, out-patient, surgical procedure one week ago tomorrow.

But, I've added one more "one more..." to my list for tomorrow afternoon. I plan to visit this site again and absorb this post so that I can begin putting it into practice...maybe next week, though.

Thanks, brother!

Jim Martin

Thanks very much Allen.

Jim Martin

I can sure identify with you regarding the funeral(s), surgery, and other situations that are not a part of your (or my)scheduling. It really is a challenge.

Thanks for your comment.

Jim Martin

I think many of us have had similar feelings. I know I have. And--it is a no win deal. No matter what you do, it never feels like it is enough.

I'm guessing there are a number of issues at work here (if your life is anything like mine). The issue of expectations (dealing with my own and other people's). The issue of acceptance of my humanity. How do I live with the humanness of just not being able to do it all.
And there are probably others.

I feel for you. Guilt (no matter how true or false) has a way of hammering a person. I will pray for you as you wrestle with how to come to grips with this time of your life and all that you are dealing with.

Ted Gossard

Time sure does fly. Before you know it another day, week, month, year is gone. I guess I should know. As I'm getting to be a veteran in that!

Ted Gossard

I guess I said that because busyness only seems to contribute to it. Though it doesn't seem to matter if I'm bored or not (on my job, I'm royally bored most of the time). I shouldn't be bored maybe. But I've heard that God does work in special ways during times that seem monotonuous. It is hard to get done all one could do, for sure.

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