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Sounds like you have a wonderful trip. Welcome home.

Bobby Valentine

Jim I am delighted you had a refreshing vacation. Sometimes that is just what the Doctor ordered.

My family has gone downt he Ocoee river too and it is challenging. Phyllis Tickle is a favorit author of mine and I know you are being blessed by her.

Thank you for reading my blog when there are so many good ones out there.

Bobby Valentine

Greg England

Ocoee River brings back a lot of memories. We've done that one a couple of times. Vacations are wonderful, but I always enjoy coming back to the "normalcy" of life. Besides, for years our "vacation" has been going back to AL to visit with family and honestly, that ain't a vacation!

Jim Martin

Thanks Bobby--
I appreciate what you are doing and enjoy your blog very much.

The Ocoee is great!

Jim Martin

You are right. Going to see family (as good as that may be) is not quite vacation. We have tried to do both in recent years and probably enjoy both vacation and family more as a result.

Jim Martin

Julie--Thanks very much. It is good to be back.

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