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Excellent post, Jim! It is one that I will refer to often, I’m sure. It reminds me of the guy at Baskin Robbins who was having a hard time deciding which flavor of the day would be his choice. He looked at the person standing next to him and said, “I’m not indecisive, am I?”

Ted Gossard

Excellent thoughts on decision making, Jim!

I wish I would have heard and taken this to heart in my younger years as a Christian. Surely I would be much farther along in Christ likeness, than I am now (though he is good, and in grace, I do believe I'm growing- in growth pains).


Excellent thoughts. It helps me to always remember that life is a series of choices. My students assume that I think they are bad kids (when they are called to my office). Not bad kids, just bad choices. (I always enjoy reading your blog. Usually don't take time to comment.)

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