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This reminds me of my first date. The guy came a few minutes early and was visiting with my family while I finished getting ready. In a few minutes there was a knock at my door, I opened it to find my dad standing there. He calmly asked, "What time was your date?" I told him, he looked at his watch and said, "It's five after - you're ready now" He said, "You don't owe this guy anything except what he owes you and that is respect". Needless to say, that has always stuck with me and I hate to be late to this day!

Greg England

You've done it, Jim. You've gone to meddlin!
For years, our youth minister refused to be on time for anything. Never apologized. It was a control issue with him and his way of saying to the rest of us, "You're meaninless to me." I talked with him several times, to no avail. But it is very rude and discourteous to be late. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
I may reprint this in our bulletin as about 30% of our people never show up for Sunday assembly until we're almost 30 minutes into it.
On a lighter note, my mother was habitually late and we teased her about it for years. When we had her funeral last year, we intentionally had her casket rolled into the funeral service 15 minutes after the funeral started. It was the one time her being late seemed appropriate.


I probably wander too far in the other direction. I cannot tolerate being late. I have greater grace for others, but I cannot be late. My father-in-law used to say if you are early you are on time, if you on time you are late, and if you are late, don't bother.

Arlene Kasselman

Jim, I was always told that being late was "passive aggressive." That has always made me think about how I pace myself.

Jim Martin

A great story about your Dad and one which obviously made a good impression on you.

I suspect your girls will hear that one. :)

Jim Martin

What a great story about your mom!

Thanks for what you related re your youth minister, etc. I have seen others experience much inconvienience and frustration while becomes of anothers regular lateness. Somehow, I need to keep the way I am relating to people before the Lord to see if this reflects his love, consideration, etc.

Jim Martin

Thanks! It is good to hear from someone on the other end of this.

Jim Martin

That is interesting. Would be interesting to know how much of that (the persistent, regular lateness) is actually a passive aggresive way of acting out.

Ted Gossard

Interesting post. I know one highly competent person who is known for being late. And this person seems (and is) a very thoughtful and sensitive, not to mention engaging and intelligent Christian. Competent in their work as well. But that one drawback.

We are generally good at getting somewhere on time. But I have to battle procrastination, which for me, I think, deep down in my gut, is the fear of failure or not meeting up to God's expectations, and especially other's expectations, and maybe even more especially my won. Fearing failure.

So that is what I have to battle so as not to be late on anything and everything....


Scot McKnight

I've got the other problem: I'm never late. In fact, I get to everything too early. Fix me pastor!

Jim Martin

You are a sad case! I have not fix for this. Come to think of it, I have no fix for anything.


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