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Larry James

Jim, thanks for the "heads up" to my blog. Received a number of guests from you. Hope you are well. I enjoy your words.

Bobby Valentine

Thank you for the link to the article on loneliness. As crowded as we are in some urban areas it is surprising how little community we really have.

Bobby Valentine

Alison Strobel Morrow

Hey, thanks for the mention in this entry! Would be curious to know how you got to my little corner of the Internet. Looking forward to reading your blog....

Jim Martin

As I recall, I was reading a number of blogs one evening and saw yours as a link. Unfortunately, I can't remember what blog that might have been. Sorry!

Ted Gossard

Thanks Jim. And thanks so much for your refreshing and engaging blog and posts!


Loneliness is very rampant in this day and age. Our technology advancement has placed us there. I am hoping for a slow down in the future. We miss a lot of opportunities to truly know people because of it.

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