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I love the yield sign. Without yeilding, I'll never see past my cynicism.

Bobby Valentine

You hit me where it hurts. Thanks for helping me to face my own shortcomings.

Bobby Valentine


...This week, comment of Jim's blog and let him know you believe it really is a place for the God-hungry.

Thanks, brother, for a fabulouse post. I linked to it in my recent post entitled Individual Initiative. (http://spiritualoasis.wordpress.com/2006/07/11/individual-initiative/)

God bless,

Hannah Im

This is just what I needed to be reminded of. All of these points are simple, yet profound and powerful. Thank you.

Dee Andrews

I came over here from Bill Williams' post on Individual Iniatitive linked to yours and heartily agree with all of your items on your list. These are all things I'm very conscious of ALL the time and try to do, myself, each and every day.

All of these things are also the reason I atarted the Christian group blog last fall called Grace Notes (at http://ourgracennotes.blogspot.com and it's linked from my blog and from Bill Williams' blog as well) where those who we run across in our daily lives show us goodness in some small way are commended.

If you would like to submit some Grace Note stories, please let me know. We're always looking for more submissions and seeking to be grace notes ourselves to all people we come in contact with.

Cheers! Dee Andrews

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