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The only difference between a rut and a grave is the dimensions.

I especially like your recommendation about choosing a different Bible translation for devotional reading. This really seems to work for me.

Thanks for the excellent thoughts, brother

Greg England

Bill stole my thunder. At least in my rut, I'm familiar with all the "voices"!
Good reminder, Jim.

Bobby Valentine

Jim this is a near classic line: "All study and no ministry can lead to a spiritually "bloated" Christian." What a great line. I love it! Can I borrow it??

Bobby Valentine

Ted Gossard

Thanks. Good down to earth counsel.

We need that ongoing sense of the freshness of God's daily renewing of our inward person, and of the newness of his mercies and faithfulness every morning. So at heart this is relational. But it is what we do (or do not do) that can help us live by faith in this ongoing and moving reality. Though I think ruts with the deadness that seems to accompany them, can be means by God of cutting out what is not helpful in our lives.

becky burroughs

Although I really like suggestion #3, #5 is probably one I need to hear. I will certainly attempt more of this in the future.

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