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Dan Horwedel

This one will be "posted" on the wall in front of my desk. It's so easy to think we know what people need - through our lense. But Jesus had that knack for helping people see things from their perspective. Good insights. Jim, maybe you've done this or thought about it already, but do you have a book in the works? You should publish your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your heart.


I know at least one person in each situation.
"Experience severe depression," especially strikes a chord with me, as I know many women who are struggling with this. A few weeks ago I had 4 friends who wouldn't return my calls because they are in the midst of depression.
I'm asking God to help me figure the optimal way to support women who are dealing with depression, since He is apparently taking me there.
I'm open to any great insights you, or your readers may have!

Ted Gossard

Great insight about trying to see from another's perspective instead of just our own. I do that some, but not nearly enough. Nor do I even think about that enough. Thanks.

Jim Martin

Thanks very much. Yes, I do have a book in the works. When it will be finished, I don't know. Thanks for your encouragment.

Jim Martin

I want to think some more about the concern you raised. (Supporting people in their depression). Let me come back to this. I'm glad you raised the issue.

Jim Martin

Thanks Ted--I appreciate your comment---

Scotty Harris


Like a fine wine, your posts just seem to ripen more fully and refresh more deeply. Can't wait till that book is done, so that more people will know what so many of us know already - you are a gift from God to help sustain "God-hungry" people. Love you, dear brother.

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