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Greg England

Good theme! I know a couple of women out here who began a home for homeless pregnant women about 20 years ago. It started when one of them went to a local abortuary and started talking to women seeking an abortion. In that first year, she talked over 300 women out of having an abortion. But what to do? Many of them had no place to go to carry their child, so she started inviting them to live with her and her family until the baby was born. Her own children gave up their beds to "camp out" in the living room so these women could sleep on a mattress. Today they have saved thousands of children who would have been aborted, and run a home for women that can care for about 16 women (and their children up to a certain age) at a time. It is truly a faith-based operation because she has never accepted government money of any kind. Just donations from people who care enough to share. She has spoken a couple of times at our church and it's a wonderful story ... just like the one you wrote about in this blog!

Jim Martin

20 years ago! Wow! Thanks for an encouraging story.

Ted Gossard

Great to hear. This is the kind of Christian activism we need today.

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