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Sharon Lovelace

I really appreciate the last two days blogs. I cant believe my little girls are grown with children of their own. (one on the way for Kimberly). God entrusted me with two of the most beautiful girls, inside & out, and they turned out ok inspite of me. I am so thankful for my mentors that helped me along the way and for God's amazing grace!

John and Julie Frye

We were really struggling with one of our girls when she was a teen and early 20's and some friends in a prayer time prayed this truth, "Lord, let John and Julie know that their children are not Your report card on their parenting." That was so freeing! Good posts on parenting!!

Connie Lard

When I was going through a hard time with one of my children and blaming myself for his wrongdoing, a wise minister pointed out that, using my logic, even God wasn't a good parent. Look what Adam and Eve did! This helped me put things in perspective. Thanks for emphasizing how much parents need encouragement - perhaps most of all when things don't seem to be going well with our children!

Greg England

Since my children are grown, I apply everything I can to raising an incorrigible 3-year-old, not yet mature, shepherd / lab / st. bernard!

Jim Martin

Thanks to all of you for steering around some words which needed Spell Check. I just drove in from Fort Worth and realized that early this morning when I posted, I didn't push that important little button. :)

Arlene Kasselman

This afternoon turned into a rought parenting patch for me. We are in the middle of VBS, trying to leave town for NACC in Louisville this weekend and my 10 year old came down with Strep last night. She threw a "hissy fit" at the Doc's office when they gave her a shot today and it pushed every button I have. I was embarrased and overwhelmed and realized I was out of control (surprise).
Thanks for the reminders - tomorrow is a new day with new mercies!


I'm going to try 'lavish grace' with my difficult 9 year old boy.
There's no job I know of that's more difficult than this parenting gig.

Jim Martin

Your post brings back memories! I can remember ours throwing their head and shoulders back and screaming as if it were their last!

Oh my! That is trying.

Jim Martin

If you find something more difficult, let me know. Day in and day out, it can be so challenging.

Jim Martin

So is it working with the four legged three year old?

Jim Martin

Connie, Thanks...Nothing more humbling than to be a parent of a human being. :)

Jim Martin

John and Julie,
I love that line! That one is a keeper!

Jim Martin

It is nice to experience the satisfaction of seeing the Lord use us as parents in rearing our children. It is humbling to realize that sometimes he worked (as you said) "in spite of me."

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