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Perry Lamm

I have enjoyed this series even if my dad has always been the silent type. I have a lot of respect for his silence in many instances. Through the course of life I have had many questions which he has answered quickly and to the point. I have a much better understanding of him and his ways. He has taught me to think better on my feet and to learn from his experiences.
My father designed some of the weapon systems used on helicopters today. He was able to test and fire these weapons in the uninhabited deserts of Arizona. In other words he got to pull the trigger on guns and missiles blowing up tanks (empty) and small targets.
Growing up in Texas I had friends whose fathers would take them hunting bringing home deer and the like to eat. My dad never took me hunting. One day I asked him, “Dad why don’t you ever take me hunting”. He replied, “Once you’re able to shoot 10,000 rounds of ammo out of a helicopter and blow up a tank with a missile, shooting a rifle at deer is not really that impressive. Besides why spend 800 on a deer lease, take time to build a stand, sit around in the cold of night, etc.- when the taste of the meat is not that good. A t-bone bought at the store is much, much, better and cheaper”. I was able to put myself in his shoes and I do agree a t-bone steak does taste better. I never again had the desire to go hunting.


Excellent series! I really appreciate the practical suggestions in this post.

grace to you,

Ted Gossard

Jim, Thanks so much. Excellent stuff. So true.

john grant

What a great series! Thanks!

I love the way you connect being open & communicating with God has an impact on our relationships. You are right on the money.

As the dad of three young daughters, I love hearing your stories. "Thursday lunch" has been one of my traditions with them. Often the highlight of my week!

If I was a serious blogger, my blog would be a lot like yours!

Jim Martin

What a great story! You made me feel like I was hearing it straight from your dad. So glad you have learned so much from him.

Jim Martin

Bill--Thanks! I appreciate your coming by this blog.

Ted--Thanks very much for your encouragement.

Jim Martin

Thanks so much for your commments. So glad to hear about "Thursday Lunch." Your daughters are so fortunate.

Thanks for your kind words regarding this blog, John. Thanks for leaving this encouraging comment.

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