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Gee, Jim. You hit all of the "big five" that counselors deal with.
Do you also have a psychology degree? :-)
I might add: The danger of
always accepting other
peoples' opinions and never forming one of your own, including about yourself and the danger of
not giving or recieving love for fear of being rejected. Shalom..

Greg England

Hmmmm ... seems a lot of churches excell in all of these!
My daughter has taught me more about this subject (in a good way) as she walks out her faith in a far more "dangerous" way than I dared to do.

Good stuff ... as usual.


Re: #4 You sure miss them though....


I meant #3.....You want them to be where He wants them but you sure do miss them...

john grant

What a great post! Thanks!

I can hear Friedman playing in the background.

Seems like with all five, anxiety is reigning and courage is absent.

Jim Mauldin

Great post, Jim. I believe it really applies to the church. The Church of Christ is a church that has traditionally "played it safe". How many times have we heard, "It may not be wrong, but it is safer not to do it."? Playing it safe sure drags down faith, doesn't it?
Thanks for the post, Jim

Jim Martin

Thanks for stopping by. (Edwin) Friedman has been an important influence. Probably more than I realize.

Where do you live? I think it is Tn.?

Jim Martin

Yes, I think playing it safe does try to avoid faith at times. Good judgement and wisdom are quiet different from always trying to avoid relying on God.



Its also interesting how many non-christians live "safely" agianst the "threat" of Christianity, (a perceived change for the worse?).

I'm surrounded by people who play it safe, and excel in saying it safe. I'm tired of non-confrontational discussions that should be challenging and changing for all parties involved, but end up weak and "safe" where nothing ever changes!

Jim Martin

What an interesting observation you make! It is interesting how many non-christians live "safely" against the "threat" of Christianity.

How dangerous...and sad...

Jim Martin

(That one got away too soon!) How dangerous to see the safe, impotent faith that offers little risk and I'm afraid, very little Jesus at times. And it also strikes me as sad. Especially since God has given us the stewardship of the Gospel...

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