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"I find that I tend to measure my words around people who talk about others in their conversations." Me too. Thanks for the reminder to be careful.

Dan Horwedel

Great series, Jim. Thanks.


What a great post, Jim! There are a few people with whom I’ve shared a reciprocal “safe place” type relationship. These relationships have on the whole been mutually beneficial.

However, there is the time when what I thought was a “safe place” relationship really wasn’t. Thankfully, I awakened, rather was awakened, before I opened myself up too much—somewhat like the last scenario you discuss. Thus, the damage was limited.

Again, thanks for sharing this. Blessings to all, -bw

Jim Martin

Dan--Thank you very much...

Julie--I suspect there are many of us who do this. Kind of sad that this is so necessary at times.

Jim Martin

Bill, I wonder how many people have had an experience like yours--thinking you had a safe place relationship and then finding out it wasn't.

Glad the damgage in your case was limited.

Thanks Bill--

Ted Gossard

Jim, How true. Good words. Few places/people like that. Although maybe there's more than I think. I truly believe there are people out there who are safe, but little realize the ministry they can have.

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