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Dan Horwedel

You hit the nail on the head for me today, Jim. I am grateful for this place for the God-hungry. Thanks for being you, and for so often saying just what I need to hear.

Nancy Loudin

The rainbow I saw last evening. My washer and dryer (having done it the "old fashioned" way not that long ago.) My computer that brings you and your thoughts into my home. My good friend (Ken Mick) who intorduced me to your blog. I could go on and on (and will each day
God blesses me with.)

Perry Lamm

I remember my mother always told me, "If you cannot say anything nice don't say anything at all." There was a reason why she told me this, however I cannot recall it at this time. Thank You for reminding me to focus on the positive ways that God has blessed me. I am grateful for your post.

Greg England

Good reminder, Jim. One of the more difficult "thank You, Lord" moments in my life was to see the hand of God in a very, very difficult time in my life and see, from retrospect, how much this pain has actually blessed my life.

Larry Eubanks

Is this exercise you suggest considered one of the spiritual disciplines? If not, seems to me it should be.

Jim Martin

Thanks Dan--I am glad that in some way this is a blessing for you. Thanks for reading this blog.

Jim Martin

Thanks Nancy--I recall the comment or e-mail in which you told me of the connection with Ken Mick. I think a great deal of him as well. So glad you read this blog. Thanks for this encouraging comment.

Jim Martin

Thanks Perry--I'm glad this particular post was particularly meaningful to you.

Jim Martin

Thanks Gregg, I kind of suspect the hand of God is much more present than I might ever imagine. I suspect that I miss a great deal of what he is doing.


i'd say thank you God for the little baby snoring next to me right now, with his right foot crossed over his left. so sweet.

thank you God that tonight i went to a public garden that was deserted. i walked around until a cat came along, and walked with me. i was so blessed i just smiled until it was time for me to leave, and say goodbye to my little tour guide.

Jim Martin

Thanks Holy Mama,
Sounds like two special moments. Thanks for stopping by.

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