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The kids and I like to pack toys and give them to a local high school that uses them as prizes for unwed teenage moms. They get points and go to the "Stork Store" when they complete homework assignments, they're on time to class, etc.

Having a good charity to give things to always helps me declutter!

There's a good book (more for women, I think) called "A Place Called Simplicity." I picked it up at the Allentown (PA) airport, a tiny little gift shop in a tiny little airport in a tiny little town. Love it!

John Roberts

Jim, you got me! I am sitting in front of my desk that is filled with clutter from at least a years worth of finished and unfinished projects. And what a great picture of the church's main struggle - finding priorities in the middle of the clutter. Thanks for a great post.

Rev. (Mr.) Robin Shifflett

Today's blog was right on, and reflects some of what God was saying to my heart this morning. All those traditions become the lens through which we read the New Testament. So many passages we read differently because of that. I was reading 1 Cor. 14, this morning, which doesn't use the word "worship". It simply speaks of gatherings of the church. And yet we read that passage as "preaching" instead of "prophecy", and "worship services" instead of "assembled ones". Many in my church (I'm a pastor too) are tradition-bound.
I also get tired of the clutter at times.
By the way, your blog is the one I read most. Many of your messages resonate in my heart and life. Thanks for sharing.

Jim Martin

Thanks for your note. It is good to hear how you and your children "de-clutter" together. So glad you came by this blog...

Jim Martin

John, I understand having such a desk! I'm afraid that all too often what you described is a good description of our churches. "A Years worth of finished and unfinished projects." Thanks....

Jim Martin

Robin, You are so right! We do look at Scripture through our own lens. Like a family who doesn't even see the hole in the bathroom wall anymore (it has been there for years), we don't even see our "clutter."

Thanks for your kind words regarding this blog, Robin. I appreciate your comment.



Amen, Jim! And so timely for me. My son and I switched rooms (his bedroom for my office) this week, and I'm staring at piles of boxes everywhere I look. I've been trying to part with things I never use, but it's been a struggle. Then I took a break and came over to peek at your blog ... and look what I find! I will have renewed vigor for my task now. :) Thank you!

And I agree wholeheartedly about the clutter in the Body. It seems too many unimportant things take up the bulk of our time, energy and conversation.

Jim Martin

Thanks Shannon for your words. I am amazed at how much "stuff" we manage to accumulate.

I am really concerned about the clutter in the body. Is sure does sap the energy out of good people.

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