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That's wonderful news!


Go ahead and keep writing for yourself. I find it very therepuetic (sp?) And if others get a blessing, that much the better!

Sharon Lovelace

Great post Jim, it never hurts to be reminded that God is always listening to us. By the way, I read one of your blogs in class last night. Hope you dont mind, it just fit. Sharon

Jim Martin

Thanks Julie--I appreciate the encouraging comments you regularly leave

Jim Martin

Thanks! Sometimes I wonder how many of these posts I write that are more for me than for anyone else. Thanks for stopping by this blog.

Jim Martin

Thanks!--I agree, it doesn't hurt to be reminded about God's care and concern.

Feel free to use these in class or anywhere else they might be helpful.


You forgot your last name? Dude.

Jim Martin


Kind of sad isn't it. You are probably laughing at that one.


Ted Gossard

Jim, So very good. Very important for me to remember, especially at certain times when my soul seems in the dark from God's light. Thanks!

Perry Lamm

I appreciate the "Lands End" story and the fact that we have God's 1-800 number. I am amazed that we are able to talk directly to the one that created the heavens and Earth, parted the sea for Moses and the Father of Jesus. We are truly blessed to be able to talk to God.

Jim Martin

Thanks. I need to remember this as well.

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