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Great reminder!
Today my interactions with people will be flavored with love - whether it's work, play, church or family.... people I like or ones who drive me crazy.... when I'm angry... when I've been wronged...
Thanks. I'm ready for this day.

Connie Lard

I agree with what you have said. Words can be used to tear down or to build up. In the past, sometimes I think I have been too interested in trying to tell people what they are doing wrong rather than listening to them and trying to understand where they are coming from and why they are doing what they are doing, and affirming them in the good that they ARE doing. I believe this came from a lack of faith on my part. Rather than relying on the workings of the Spirit in their lives, I felt I had to "fix" other people. It is a great relief to lay that burden down and start focusing on ways to encourage people. I pray that my words will always be those that help heal the hurts in people's lives, not hurt them further. Good reminder, Jim. Thanks!


Great thoughts. We need to encourage marriae. Have you seen trueMarriage.net?


Our pastor asked us to ask ourselves 'what do I leave in my wake?' it's a really scary thing to begin asking yourself....before that I was totally unaware of how I came across and still I need reminders.... that question is still on my computer.....

Greg England

Jim, in my experience with you, you have been a part of that tribe.


Most of the time I don't think of what I am going to say before I say it but lately I have been wondering, why did God put me here in this place now with these specific people I work with, live with (my family) and church. When I do think about this I watch a little more carefully what I say and how I come across. It's all about the big picture. Thanks for a timely message.

Jim Martin

That is a good question! I made note of that one. Thanks for your comment. Too many of us don't give that one serous thought.

Jim Martin

I think you are right it is about the big picture. For me, if I am sure about the big picture then the intent of my day and my words become much clearer.

Jim Martin

I am not familiar with trueMarriage.net but I will look at the website.

Jim Martin

Thanks for a very good comment. The last four or five years, I have tried to lower my expectations of people and raise my expectations of God. I have found this helpful. As a result, I am more likely to see the good things in people as gifts from God (Rather than an "ought" which I have the right to expect and even demand.

Ted Gossard

Good words Jim. Reminds me of the Proverbs on the tongue. In some places and times I find that I'm especially better off keeping a tight rein on my tongue.

Duane Young

Would you be open to allowing publication of this post in a church newsletter--with appropriate attribution of course?

Jim Martin

Duane--Sure that would be fine. I'm glad you think it might be useful.

Liam Byrnes

Thanks so much for this post, I know I have been on the recieving end and have also had some foul ups of my own, it was good to read that and focus on being positive. A guy in our church said a phrase once about this topic, which in someways has to be taken with a pinch of salt but I thought it was cool anyway. Encouragement Enables, Discouragement Disables.
I think that sums up this subject fairly well.

Jim Martin

Liam, Thanks for coming by this blog and thanks for the comment. I like the quote by the guy in your church.

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