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This just resonates in me on many different levels this morning....RISK has been a word that I can't seem to get away from THANKS

Matt Tapie

I am encouraged by this Jim! Thank you for sharing your gifts of wisdom and kindness with us--please don't stop!


Too often I am the person you are tired of...but I want to be the person that encourages you.


Thank you again for speaking God's word right into my heart. I've got issues to face tomorrow and I really needed the reminder to step up to the plate. This is not a time to hesitate. I can be humble and stand up for what is right at the same time.

I stumbled across your blog about a month ago, and it has encouraged me again and again. I've gleaned a lot from your site. Thank you.

Jim Martin

Thanks Becky.

Jim Martin

Good to hear from you. So glad this blessed you in some way.

Jim Martin

Donna-- Too often I am the person I am tired of...


Jim Martin

Jenn, Thanks for this note. Glad this post was encouraging to you for what you are dealing with. I am glad you visit this blog.

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