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Ted Gossard


Thanks for these provocative thoughts.


Yes. We need to really show up - not to try to explain away. Thanks.


If only everyone who visits under these circumstances could know the value of silence and a hug.


Thanks for the great thoughts on being present in another's time of mourning. It caused me to think about the Jewish traditions surrounding the loss of a loved one. They seem better equipped than we are to engage in the power of presence when someone is mourning. Interestingly enough, for them the time for "presence" with a mourner comes after the burial, and not for a few hours, but for a week. I think it is called "sitting shiva." Anyway, your reflection on your own experience and the need for presence connected with me. Thanks.


I know first hand the importance of Presence. On a particularlly horrible day in the hospital, it was such a comfort that people I loved dearly were just outside my door. Some never came in or spoke to me that day, but were THERE! How do people get through rough times without that?


Yea, great words. My friend (and second in-charge of CU after me) recently lost her grandmother... simply being there for them means more than words. Because often words just don't cut it.


Thanks for your thoughts on grieving. To be present is the greatest gift to a family.

Would you mind elaborating on the funeral you attended? I am from Russellville, Alabama (North Highlands Church of Christ) originally and might know the person.

Jim Martin

Thanks Carrie,

I remember that time in your life. You do know that first hand...

Jim Martin

Would you mind e-mailing me and I will be happy to give you some more details. (jim@crestview-church.org)

I would prefer not to put those details in a comment. Please write.

Jim Martin


Emma, Ted, Julie, Greg....

Also, thanks Joel for your comment regarding Jewish tradition and mourning.

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