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How freeing it would be if we could all admit to each other that everything was not always perfect in our lives. It's just too bad that so many people feel that they have to "put their church face on". Thanks for another great post.


Found a phrase long ago that borders as close to truth as I can get and it always seems to stop people in their tracks considering it. When asked how it is going or some other such usually insincere statement in passing, I enthusiastically return with "I love it!".....and, at my age, I do. A lot of other people didn't get this far.......

Ted Gossard

Thanks Jim. So true.

I do think a "game face" is appropriate at times, of course. I've seen Christians who mark down authenticity in a way that means if they don't feel like doing something, they sure as heck don't do it (which means never saying "hi" or acknowledging some people's presence).

But it certainly wears thin when we can't really be who we are, especially in getting to know others. It's unreal, either on their part or our own.


i think so many times Christians think they are glorifying God by presenting their lives as "perfect!" But isn't it so much more honoring - and honest - to be transparent enough so that others can SEE how God can take a situation that is less than perfect and work mightily?

It's a pet peeve of mine as well, can you tell?!


Thanks for this post. Pretending gets us nowhere.

Jim Martin

Mary, You are so right. This would be a lot more freeing and authentic. I suspect it would also be more freeing to peope who must wonder if anyone else feels as they do.-

Jim Martin

I like the way you express how it "wears thin" when you can't be authentic. In fact, it can be exhausting and lonely.

Jim Martin

Holy Mama, I think about those people who feel very alone in churches because of the impression they have that the majority are near perfect. As you suggest, to try to leave such an impression may in fact short change the testimony we could be giving to a God who works in our imperfect lives.


Jim Martin

Thanks Julie, So true....


Such blessed reassurance to know God will listen at our lowest when we need Him the most. Thanks for the reminder. Great post!

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