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Dan Horwedel

Great post, Jim. Thanks.

John Dobbs

I can definitely relate!

Danny Dodd

The cross was messy too.

Thanks for this post!

Jack Holt

Outstanding! Outstanding! Outstanding!

scotty harris

Jim, I never read your blog without taking away something extremely insightful and beneficial. This post is especially good! By God's grace, I am blessed to serve with one such "grace-full" church. Things can get kinda messy in "grace" churches, but I wouldn't want to belong to any other kind. Thanks for the poignant reminder!

Greg England

So very true. We need more messy churches.

David U

Jim, Great post brother! I am so blessed to be able to be a part of a Grace-filled church at the present time. It sure impacts my life.

Keep bringing it, bro!



hm interesting that you are reading the lynn sweet book, i happen to be reading the same one. anyways....good post. do you still owe 52 cents ?

Ted Gossard

Thanks Jim. We're thankful for the grace-ful church we're a part of, as well.

Jim Mauldin

Great post Jim! Was it 24 years ago that I sat listened to you each Sunday. Your preaching and ministry had such an impact on me as a minister (not to mention your friendship with Berni and me).
Jim, thanks for being you and allowing God to use you in so many ways. Berni and I love you dearly and thank God for you.


You said, "I don't want to settle for anything less than God's grace."
Me neither.

Jim Martin

Scotty, Thanks for the kind words. You are a great model of the kind of minister needed to bring such a vision to a church.

Jim Martin

Hello daughter! Good to know you read this. Maybe you are in a class?

Jim Martin

Thanks Jim--My life has been blessed by encouragers such as you and Bernie. I am so thankful to you and others...

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