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Sometimes you have to dive in "head first" when trying to make new friends. One thing I have learned over the years from moving to a couple of different cities is that you usually have to be the one to initiate the friendship and be the one to sustain it. If you do that, there is not much room for dissapointment since it is up to you. I have also found that the older you get the harder it is to make new friends because we are all so busy. We need to slow down so we can find our support systems with one another.

Ted Gossard

Thanks Jim. So true. And often a hard barrier to break, especially in a small group which seems cliquish. But can be hard regardless. I try to build bit by bit with a person over time. And keep doing so at home, as well.


I find it helpful to remember that God has promised to meet ALL my needs. Sometimes I'll want a particular person to fulfill a certain role in my life, when God has someone else in mind. I try to remind myself that I need to refuse to dictate who I will allow God to use in my life, and be open to letting Him use anybody.
Then, He can meet ALL my needs (including emotional ones) however HE chooses.

Jim Martin

This is difficult...As you suggest Meredith, I (we)have found that we generally have to take the initiative.

Ted--You are so right about the difficulty of this. Like you, I have found that this often comes down to dealing with one person at a time.

Julie-- I think what you said about certain people fulfilling certain roles is so important. Far too often we put unrealistic expectations on friends and others which just leads to frustration and some disappointment.

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