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I realized not long ago that I needed to re-order my priorities.
I scrapped the established standard: 1)God, 2)family, 3)everything else. Now, I have a completely different hierarchy. I serve Jesus. Period. I put Him first while I practicing multiplication by 8s with my 3rd grader. I serve Him while I work in the yard (it's His yard). I nap unto Him (it's His body). I serve Him while I prepare a biblical teaching. The specifice just don't matter.
I agree that we take care of ourselves as an act of worship and for the greater good.

(Have a great week - I'll be away...)

Jim Martin

Thanks Julie, I almost think seeing him as the center of all of life is more useful than trying to hold to the "established standard." Good comment.

Ted Gossard

Jim, I wish I would have known this earlier in life. And when in school.

For me, something of this kind of thinking now requires me to adjust and make changes. But, like Julie says, hopefully keeping Jesus in the center of it all. Thanks.

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