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Balance is hard to maintain. I have it one minute, then the next thing I know it, I'm focusing on some minor thing....

Jim Martin

I can relate...It is a never ending battle (for me) some days.

brett jordan

I live a disciplined life, work out regularly, eat and sleep well. Being divorced/single means that (apart from the non-negotiable times when I see my children) I can decide what I do and when. But last year I found my week was becoming an unending list of social engagements - not parties, but mentoring/friendship stuff. This year I have cut down on the number evenings I am 'out. I feel a lot better for it. But my diary is already backed up to May. Am I being selfish, or sensible? I think the latter, but Jesus was often tired (dare I say 'irritable'?) from his endless self-giving... am I here on earth to be content/well/fulfilled, or to help others... am i more of a blessing to people when i'm well and refreshed, or would it be better to see more people and be tired and ragged? I guess we all have to make our own decisions... but, yes, it is a struggle to know what the 'right' path is.

Ted Gossard

Jim, Thanks. I think another aspect here is that something or another of how parents lived in a home is imbibed by their children as they live their adult lives. I believe this is true in my case. Good and not so good.

I think pastors who make sure they have regular significant family time, can be a great model for their congregation. To be able to say no to this and that, to the (sometimes) endless round of committee meetings. May not always be possible at times, but a good goal to shoot at. And certainly living in balance ought to be always our goal, as you say. Thanks again.

Jim Martin

You raise a good question. "Am I being selfish or sensible?" At times, it has been a real struggle for me to know what to do with that one. I do think there is something to be said for "balance" so that I am taking care of what God has given me.

Jim Martin

Very good comment! I very much agree.

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