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brett jordan

The timelessness of heaven is impossible to comprehend, but as someone with a daughter who turns 20 this year, it is certainly something that throws the 'shortness' of life into focus. Living every day as an important day is something I strive for, so many of my friends, those with and without living faith, are so fixated on the future, what they will do when they have money, when the kids are gone, when they have more leisure time... it seems that for many of them this part of their life is a tunnel, rather than the vibrant mix of hopes/realities/disappointments/opportunities that it really is.

Jim Martin

Thanks for the reminder about not getting fixated on the future. You said it well.

Jack Holt

I didn't realize you had a connection to Dallas Christian. Our son went to High School there. They took state his senior year in football (he was the starting senior) and they were second in the state his junior year. We loved DCS!

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